5 mini-carnation heads
1 piece filler flower
1 stem of leather leaf (5 leaflets)
5 half wires (number 26)
Floral tape
1 ribbon bow & flag (standard 1 1/2 ribbon)
 Floral shears
 Wire cutters

1. Wire & tape each flowers head (pierce calyx, bend wires, cover mechanics w/ floral tape)
2. Turn each flower head into a boutonniere: add a bit of filler flower & put one leaflet of leather leaf in the back.)
3. Take the smallest flower & use it as the first piece of your corsage. Add the flag to your first flower.
4. Add the next size flower (boutonniere) & be sure to leave space between each flower.
5. After 3rd flower, add bow.
6. Add each boutonniere until you have all 5 flowers getting larger in size as you go down. Be sure that each flower has its own space & they don't bend.
7. Finish "tweeking" the corsage so that there is space for each flower & depth is evident as you look at the piece.

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